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Why Join SAIA KZN?


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A membership of the SAIA KZN connects you to the all latest in architectural news and events around our province, as well as updates and professional support on legal and practice matters. Members receive the tri-annual SAIA KZN Journal delivered to their postal address, as well as the monthly newsletter of the KZNIA with relevant and useful news, events and opportunities.

You will also have the opportunity to get involved in initiatives to better our built environment such as outreach programmes (Habitat Committee) and local council changes (VA Forum). Please see our committee pages for more info on what's happening in each committee.

SAIA KZN Member Benefits

  • SAIA KZN Journal: 30 years since inception, the SAIA KZN Journal is distributed across the globe and is known for its high standard of journalistic and graphic presentation of the work, thinking and development of local architects.
    • Receive 3 per annum, delivered to your postbox.
  • Receive our monthly newsletter of
    • Local and global architectural news
    • Upcoming CPD events
    • Exhibitions, films and activities which members are invited to attend
    • Practice and contract-related news and updates
    • Notices of opportunities such as tenders and competitions
    • Recent architectural book reviews
    • UIA 2014 Preparations
    • And other items of interest
  • Stay informed and up-to-date:
    • Receive breaking news and practice notices via email
    • Invitation to regular SAIA KZN Events
    • Monthly Exhibition and opening thereof
    • Regular CPD events covering all subjects from practice matters to heritage issues to design theory:
    • Workshops,
    • Seminars
    • Lectures
    • Presentations etc
    • Other fun events such as film screenings and cake-decorating competitions
    • Annual AGM
    • Presidential inauguration
    • Outreach activities such as the "Youth in Construction" Expo
  • Discounted CPD activities: receive discounts on those organized by the SAIA KZN
  • Discounted rate on Standard JBCC agreements.
  • Professional support: Members are entitled to the services of our "Three wise men" who can offer advice and guidance on practice-related issues or disputes.
  • Municipal Liaison Committee: Access to this local mouthpiece, through whom any complaints concerning local municipalities may be voiced.
  • Voluntary committees: Members may participate in the activities of various committees (such as Heritage, Habitat, Education, etc) and through this, have the opportunity to give something back and make a difference.
  • Employment: SAIA KZN provides a central point for employees seeking staff, and jobseekers seeking new opportunities. 
  • Membership certificate and the permission to use the applicable affix, indicating membership of a professional organization.
  • Entitlement to claim 1 x Category 3A Credit annually for CPD Portfolio through membership of VA.

Architects and Candidate Architects are also eligible to become SAIA members through the SAIA KZN.


  • Receive free copies of Architecture SA and the Digest of South African Architecture, and eligibility to have work published therein.
  • SAIA Members' practice will be eligible for inclusion into the SAIA practice register, provided at least 75% of principals are members. (If your practice is insured through the APIGIS Scheme, it will still qualify.)
  • Eligibility to participate in the Awards programme, culminating in the Awards of Excellence every second year.