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Invitation to PSAT-PAT-PAD to serve in SACAP Disciplinary Tribunals


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Tuesday, 14th June, 2016

Invitation to PSAT-PAT-PAD to serve in SACAP Disciplinary Tribunals



The South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) is legally charged with regulating the architectural profession in South Africa in terms of the Architectural Profession Act 44 of 2000 (the Act).

The architectural profession includes the candidate and professional registration categories: architects, senior architectural technologists, architectural technologists and draughtspersons in each of those categories, all of whom are required to be registered by SACAP.

In terms of the Act, SACAP is required to convene disciplinary tribunals to deal with allegations of improper conduct on the part of a registered person (RP) and the required process is set out in the Act.

The Council now invites registered professional senior architectural technologist, architectural technologists and architectural draughtspersons in all provinces to submit their applications to be considered as possible members of disciplinary tribunals that will be appointed as necessary until the end of the Council’s term of office in 2018.

The qualifications for appointment are set out in section 30 of the Act. For ease of reference, however, this reads as follows:

“The disciplinary tribunal must consist of at least—

(a) a person who specialises in the professional field concerning the charge;

(b) a professional who has appropriate experience; and

(c) a person qualified in law and who has appropriate experience.”

Professional senior architectural technologists, architectural technologists and draughtspersons who believe that they have the appropriate skills, expertise and experience under either (a), and (b), coupled with the passion and drive to add value and contribute to the transformation of the architectural profession, are requested to submit their applications toSACAP BY NO LATER THAN 16:00 ON MONDAY 11 JULY 2016.

Applications should consist of the following (in the order indicated):

1. A letter of application (comprising a maximum of two pages) explaining the applicant’s reason for applying for the appointment to the panel of tribunal members and the value s/he believes he/she could add to SACAP, in the particular field of disciplinary tribunals.

2. An abridged CV (comprising a maximum of three pages) highlighting his/her academic qualifications, professional registrations, expertise and experience as a member of a disciplinary tribunal in the built environment and/or other regulatory bodies, and his/her expertise and experience in mediation, arbitration and other ADR processes.

3. A statement as to whether he/she wishes to be considered as chairperson and/or member of a disciplinary tribunal (in the case of an applicant wishing to be considered as a chairperson, details of prior experience as such). 

4. A schedule of indicative hourly, half day and daily rates.

6. A letter of good standing from SARS (to be re-submitted annually). 

7. A statement that, by the act of submitting an application to SACAP, he/she consents to SACAP performing such due diligence on him/her as SACAP may consider necessary; and 

8. Three contactable referees with full names, designation, organisation, e-mail address and office and cell phone numbers. 

9. As part of its short-listing/appointment process, SACAP specifically reserves the right to request applicants to provide certified copies of qualifications and any other additional information or documentation considered necessary. 

Applications should either be delivered:

by hand to: The Registrar/CEO, SACAP, 1st Floor, Lakeside Place, Cnr Ernest Oppenheimer Ave and Queen Street, Bruma, 2198.
by post to  The Registrar/CEO, SACAP, P O Box 408, Bruma, 2026
by e-mail to :  and

Applicants will be short-listed by SACAP’s Investigating Committee and be recommended for appointment to the panel at rates determined by SACAP from time to time.

Persons appointed to the panel may be required to undergo orientation and training, as required by the Council.

SACAP reserves the right not to appoint applicants to the panel of disciplinary tribunal members and inclusion on the panel does not automatically guarantee appointment to any disciplinary tribunal.

All enquiries should be directed to The Registrar on 011 479-5000.