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Past Architectural Events in KwaZulu-Natal


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SAIA KZN PRACTICE BREAKFAST Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.


Friday, 8th September, 2023

Venue: Online Via Zoom

The City of Everyone: Tourism & Public Open-Space Networks Join Don Albert as he discusses tourism and the importance of Public. Open-Space Networks in Urban Design and Architecture with reference to their latest projects; Peralta Beach in Portugal, Zip Zap Performance Hall at Artscape in Cape Town, and the Barangaroo Pavilion Competition Entry in Sydney, amongst others. He will also share some relevant research in coastal town planning with regards to beachfront amenity and the importance of providing networks of public spaces as opposed to isolated ones. Email to register to attend. Non members: An admin fee of R100 is payable upon request of cpd certificates.

SAIA KZN PRACTICE BREAKFAST Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.

Friday, 25th August, 2023

Venue: Online Via Zoom

FINDING A SENSE OF PLACE; AN ARCHITECTURAL JOURNEY A reflection on the many doorways that opened up to become journeys in finding a sense of place and understanding this theory in context of a sense of rootedness, attachment and identity in the physical setting. REGISTER:

SAIA KZN PRACTICE BREAKFAST Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.

Friday, 11th August, 2023

Venue: Online Via Zoom

Troublemaking at the table Influences and insights on the curating of an architectural perspective. Contact to register

SPATIAL INEQUALITY DIALOGUE Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.


Thursday, 3rd August, 2023

Venue: onlin via zoom or in person at 160 Bulwer Road

Join us in our 7th & final session of the Spatial Inequality Dialogue focusing on Public Health. We'll be looking at the planning & delivery processes of our facilities- both private & public. There are glaring gaps between private & public when it comes to infrastructure & service delivery. What is the cause of those gaps & how do we work towards reducing them? We will also be introducing an exciting upcoming new series set to take place in the 2nd half of the year. Email for information on how to register

SAIA KZN Practice Breakfast Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.

Friday, 14th July, 2023

Venue: Online via Zoom

Going back to my childhood memories that set in place a trajectory for my architectural career, the talk will be about the concept of African Space not as a reaction to colonial architecture: African Space I absorbed as a village boy from elders and the community—the values that were transferred by deeds and words. It is an individual story told with the hope of adding ‘colour’, richness, and a layer of meaning to the collective story of the architecture community in South Africa: one should not exist to make others not to exist. Email to register

HOW TO BE THE PRINCIPAL AGENT WITH ROELF NEL Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.

Tuesday, 13th June, 2023


The course explains to architects the duties and obligations of the PA in relation to: The common law The Fee guideline Code of Conduct PROCSA JBCC And how to navigate this complex environment Who should attend: Architects, Technologist, Developers, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors Delegates will gain an understanding of the overall structure of The Agency Relationship & Power of the Agent, the Authority of the Agent, the Legal effect of the Agency & Termination The course focus is equipping delegates with practical experience and real-world application

SAIA KZN PRACTICE BREAKFAST WITH DR. LAWRENCE OGUNSANYA Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.

Friday, 9th June, 2023

Venue: Online Via Zoom

Join Dr. Ogunsanya as he talks about his background and journey through architecture as a student, a professional and an academic. He will walk us through his experiences, the various people who have impacted his life, his favourite quotes and design projects. In addition he will share the unique spaces that have had profound influences on his personality and design philosophy. "Life as an architect has been a remarkable and transformative journey. It is a profession that intertwines creativity, technical expertise, and a profound understanding of the built environment. I am still a work in progress, under construction, embracing the ever-evolving technologies and changes that shape my life and profession" Email to register

CPD PRESENTATION Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.

Wednesday, 7th June, 2023

Venue: Premier Hotel, Umhlanga Ridge Blvd.

MOSO Africa invites you to join their cpd presentation: Engineered bamboo as the new Architectural Material: Sustainability & Innovation The presentation will be given by Andy Paige. An engineer by trade, he’ll be speaking about how the advances in the manufacturing of engineered bamboo products mean that bamboo is now a viable, durable and a sustainable alternative for virtually any application where timber products would normally be used. Bamboo products are hard, stable and extremely versatile in their application. In addition to their natural beauty, they have significant durability and sustainability benefits compared to other products. Date: 07 June 2023 Venue: The Premier Hotel, Umhlanga Ridge Blvd, Durban Time: 15:30-16:00 RSVP: CPD: CAT 1-0,2 credits

DAS CONFERENCE 2023 Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.

Thursday, 1st June, 2023

Venue: aha Gateway Hotel, Umhlanga

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SAIA KZN Practice Breakfast with Prof. Yashaen Luckan Sorry, this event has passed. See upcoming events.

Friday, 26th May, 2023

Venue: Online via Zoom

Lessons from place: Architecture as agency for spatial transformation Prof. Yashaen Luckan raises a critical conversation about the potentiality of architectural thinking and making in the evolution of cities, specifically related to resilience and spatial transformation. He refers to his previous works on the Grey Street precinct, in Durban, as a case study to analyse the various pressures - legislative, and socio-spatial - that led to places of incidental urban revitalisation and an anticolonial counter-position facilitated by the built form and architecture. His presentation concludes with a critical discussion on agency and architecture in urban revitalisation and progressive spatial transformation. Email Kiara on to register