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The Workshop Shopping Centre

Dr. A. B. Xuma St, NGR Engineer, conversion by Bentel Abramson & Partners, 1904, converted to retail 1986.

Originally a railway workshop shed. Most steel was imported from Bristol in England, it has not been manufactured anywhere since 1930, but still supports the building. The character of the interior is defined by the prolific detailing of the structure and fine carpentry. It’s red bricks gives it its texture and colour. This elegant Victorian building displays excellent workmanship in its steel structure, which forms the shell within which shops and restaurants have been introduced - Conservation making financial sense. A good example of a well executed adaptation. Parking is accommodated under the adjacent Gugu Dlamini Park and an active edge of restaurants overlooks the park. At the West entrance the space is activated by an amphitheatre and is linked by an underpass to the City hall.

Researcher: Lindsay Napier

Photographer(s): Unknown