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Islamic Propagation Centre

124 Denis Hurley St.

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat was born in India in 1918 and arrived in Durban as a nine-year old boy. In 1957 he founded the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI) which is located opposite the Grey Street Masjid.

The IPCI issues free literature on Islam and conducts mosque tours. Call them on +27 31 206 0026 to make a booking.

Architectural Features

Masjid (Mosque) means 'a place to prostrate'. More loosely translated, it refers to a place of worship for Muslims. While there are no special liturgical requirements involved in the design of mosques, the following elements are likely to be present:

Qibla – the direction to Mecca which worshippers must face when praying

Mehrab – niche or arch in the wall to indicate qibla
– pulpit, usually a raised platform to the right of the mehrab
Imam – person who leads the prayer
Adhan – call to prayer by muazzin (caller)
Minaret – tower from which the adhan is proclaimed
Salah – daily prayer
Jummah – Friday prayer
Wudhu – ablution to be performed before offering the prayer
Sehn – antechamber to main prayer area