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Surrey Mansions

323 Currie Rd, Langton & Barboure - William B Barboure, 1937.

One of the great Art Deco buildings. A Union period apartment building and a significant example of the Art Deco style incorporating lion and eagle motifs and linear patterns; a notable contribution to the Berea skyline.

Eight-storey apartment building with detailing of imagination and sensitivity.  Block-like ground and first floors, rounded corners up to a squared-off top floor and with fluted giant order pilasters rising up the entire height. 

Richly varied stucco reliefs with flying lions high up. Excellent resolution of geometry in the use of rectangular and curved forms.  Well maintained and authentic colour scheme.

Top floor is open for lift shaft and water tanks.  

And the penthouse owner has a sort of pagoda in front of the door to his flat on the roof.

A conservation award for the refurbishment of 323 Currie Road;

Researcher: Lindsay Napier