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Arbee Mansions

102 Dr Goonam St.

Berea Court

399 Berea Rd, Langton & Barboure, 1937.

Cheviot Court

Cnr Musgrave Rd. And Poynton Pl. , 1940s.


390 Dr Pixley Kaseme St.

Colonial Mutual

330 Dr Pixley Kaseme St, Hennesey & Hennessey, Sydney, 1931-33.

Ebrahim Court

49-55 Dr Goonam St.

Enterprise Building

47 Samora Machel St, AA Ritchie Mckinley, 1931.

Essop Moosa Building

129 Dr Goonam St, 1935.

Hollywood Court

197 Anton Lembede St, Hobbs & Bonieux, 1937.

Jeena’s Centre

162 Bertha Mkhize St, Wj Cornelius, 1927.

Jubilee Court

63-93 Clarence Rd.

Mcintosh House

455-457 Dr Pixley Kaseme St.

Memorial Tower

UKZN, Mazisi Kunene Rd, Powers & Powers, 1946.


158 Che Guevara Rd, Obel And Frolich, 1937.

Moosas Buildings

148-152 Dr Yusuf Dadoo St.

NM Ebrahim Building

15-21 Cross St.

Prefcor House

398 Dr Pixley Kaseme St.

St Augustine’s Mansions

440 Musgrave Rd, Geoffrey Le Seuer, 1929.

The Cenotaph

Dorothy Nyembe St.

Vel-Vet Mansions

51 Carlisle St, W Cornelius .

Victoria Mansions

124 Margaret Mncadi Ave, Nelson Secombe, 1935.

Willern Court

159 Margaret Mncadi Ave, William Barboure, 1937.


7 Dr Yusuf Dadoo St, WC Moffat & Hirst, 1935.

Deo Volente

5 Woodburn Pl, DC James, 1939-40.

Manhattan Court

11 Dr Yusuf Dadoo St, AG Frolich, 1937.

Colonial Mutual Building

330 Dr Pixley Kaseme / West Street, Hennesey & Hennessey / L.A.Elsworth, 1931-33.

Howard College

Mazizi Kunene Road, (King George V Ave), within the University of KZN Durban campus from entrance gate no.1 , University of KwaZulu-Natal, W. Hirst, 1929 -1931.

Surrey Mansions

323 Currie Rd, Langton & Barboure - William B Barboure, 1937.