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SAIA KZN Committees


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 President and Executive Committee

The SAIA KZN comprises of President and Executive committee, as well as Committee Heads and general members. The Executive committee and Committee Heads meet at the Institute on the first Friday of every month. All members are invited to get involved and participate in a committee by contacting one of the committee heads. There are always exciting projects and programmes in the pipeline that could benefit from your participation!


  • President: Sikhumbuzo Mtembu
  • Vice-Presidents:  Monique Gillespie & Adheema Davis
  • Professional Practice Sub-committee: Patrick Smith & Patrick Mawesana
  • Premises Sub-committee Chair: Lindsay Napier
  • Finance Chair: Chantal Pieterse


  • Sikhumbuzo Mtembu President
  • Monique Gillespie Vice President
  • Adheema Davis Vice President, Transformation Sub-committee Chair & Education Sub-committee 
  • Patrick Smith Immediate Past President & Profesisonal Practice Sub-committee Chair
  • Patrick Mawesana Profesisonal Practice Sub-committee
  • Lindsay Napier Heritage & Premises Sub-committee Chair
  • Chantal Pieterse Finance & Journal Sub-committee Chair
  • Viloshin Govender Education Sub-committee Chair
  • Mandisa Pepeta Profesisonal Practice Sub-committee
  • Nikiwe Mvuyana CPD Sub-committee Chair
  • Bongeka Mnguni Women in Archtiecture Sub-committee Chair 
  • Sandy Naiker Habitat  Sub-committee Chair
  • Dumisani Mhlaba  Heritage Sub-committee
  • Mark Bellingan Awards Sub-committee Chair

Voluntary Task Groups 

These subcommittees meet regularly to serve the profession in various ways.


Chair: Viloshin Govender

Involved with and interact on a wide range of Education-related initiatives, tertiary institutions and other interested parties.

The SAIA KZN EduCom is committed to ensuring that our profession receives graduates from the tertiary education institutions that are of a high standard, through engagement with these Schools and support for the students and graduates through mentoring, part-time lecturing, external examination, accreditation, prize giving, internship and mutual assistance. EduCom promotes annual education conferences within the province and has enjoyed member representation on education boards at National and International levels.


Chair: Sandy Naiker

The interests of society in matters concerned with architecture in relation to the environment.

The focus of activities for the Habitat sub-committee should be on sustainable development - in its broadest definition – which includes green building as one aspect.

Professional Practice

Head: Patrick Smith 

The art, science, research and practice of architecture.

Vision: To attempt to get the profession to use the information they have currently and to assist in improving it for the entire membership. The process of delivering service to our clients should be professional in every aspect and to leave the client with a building that is easy to manage after we leave site.

Women in Architecture

Head: Bongeka Mnguni

We have some great events planned for 2023! Watch this space.

SAIA KZN Awards 

Head: Mark Bellingan

2023 is an Awards year! We look forward to in person inspections later in the year to view the work designed by our members in the last 2 years. 

Heritage Committee

Head: Lindsay Napier

The Committee concerns itself with the preservation and conservation of the built environment, ensuring a sustainable future for our province's heritage and environment. It's focus is on assisting our professional peers in understanding current Provincial and National Legislation aimed at protecting our architectural heritage. It intends to create a greater awareness of conservation principals and an improved knowledge of restoration practice through discussions, debates, education and site visits. The Committee will be using the Website for sharing information and encourages the participation of its members in monitoring and recording of threatened buildings. The Committee will also have to embark on a renewed programme to inform the general public of the value inherent in our rich architectural heritage.