SAIA KZN Committees

 President and Executive Committee

The SAIA KZN comprises of President and Executive committee, as well as Committee Heads and general members. The Executive committee and Committee Heads meet at the Institute on the first Friday of every month. All members are invited to get involved and participate in a committee by contacting one of the committee heads. There are always exciting projects and programmes in the pipeline that could benefit from your participation!


  • President: Ruben Reddy
  • Vice-Presidents:  Lauren Haiden & Sikhumbuzo Mtembu
  • Past President: Kevin Bingham
  • Patrick Smith


  • Lindsay Napier
  • Lauren Haiden 
  • Sikhumbuzo Mtembu 
  • Patrick Smith
  • Jodi Davids- Harber 
  • Bonga Ntuil
  • Ruben Reddy
  • Michael Brunner
  • Chantal Pieterse
  • Carl Wright
  • Andrew Makin
  • Louis Du Plessis


  • Kevin Bingham : Past President
  • Nina Saunders
  • Mayuri Bhana
  • Kyria Van Soelen
  • Walter Peters: KZNIA Journal

Voluntary Task Groups 

These subcommittees meet regularly to serve the profession in various ways.


Chair: Louis Du Plessis/ Bonga Ntuli

Involved with and interact on a wide range of Education-related initiatives, tertiary institutions and other interested parties.

The SAIA KZN EduCom is committed to ensuring that our profession receives graduates from the tertiary education institutions that are of a high standard, through engagement with these Schools and support for the students and graduates through mentoring, part-time lecturing, external examination, accreditation, prize giving, internship and mutual assistance. EduCom promotes annual education conferences within the province and has enjoyed member representation on education boards at National and International levels.


Chair: Chantal Pieterse

The interests of society in matters concerned with architecture in relation to the environment.

The focus of activities for the Habitat sub-committee should be on sustainable development - in its broadest definition – which includes green building as one aspect.

  • Membership of the sub-committee is to be broadened if possible. The idea would be to have a core, with an inclusive approach to ad-hoc participation in initiatives, and ad-hoc attendance at sub-committee meetings.
  • We should keep up the ‘activist' kind on presence in the public realm.
  • We plan to run a Seminar, possible with Master class(es) for CPD credits once a year. The first is in the pipeline for April, 2011.
  • A ‘curated' exhibition of members' work that demonstrates the principles we are striving for, with associated social event.
  • A movie night 3 times a year. There are lots of great relevant movies.
  • I would love to pursue our long standing idea to develop, and keep updated, a sort of inventory of useful resources - books, articles, websites, product information etc, to be maintained on the website.

Professional Practice

Head: Patrick Smith

The art, science, research and practice of architecture.

Vision: To attempt to get the profession to use the information they have currently and to assist in improving it for the entire membership. The process of delivering service to our clients should be professional in every aspect and to leave the client with a building that is easy to manage after we leave site.

Promotions and Communications

Head: Lauren Haiden

The dignity of the profession of architecture as well as investigating opportunities for the interchange and recording of knowledge and experience of architecture.

The role of the Promotions and Communications Committee is to promote and maintain the dignity of the profession of architecture by recognising and promoting excellence in architecture by creating public awareness and debate on architectural issues both within the ambit of the architectural community and the broader public.

Benefits Committee

Head: Skura Mtembu

The interests and support of members personally and professionally.

Our Mission is to provide each and every member with tangible useable Benefits that are of assistance to them, whether it be as an employee, a practice or a retiree, both nationally and internationally. With this in mind, the current suite of Benefits currently on offer is divided into three sectors: personal, practice and lifestyle. A flyer explaining these Benefits will be reaching the members soon.

Our Mission is also to expand these Benefits in whatever way our members feel they may be of use. Currently we are researching ways of connecting Legal, Financial, HR and Accounting firms that might offer the membership a limited service in each discipline. We are also looking at providing a CPD-on-line service and finding a national vendor of office supplies that might offer members savings a discount.


Heritage Committee

Head: Lindsay Napier

The Committee concerns itself with the preservation and conservation of the built environment, ensuring a sustainable future for our province's heritage and environment. It's focus is on assisting our professional peers in understanding current Provincial and National Legislation aimed at protecting our architectural heritage. It intends to create a greater awareness of conservation principals and an improved knowledge of restoration practice through discussions, debates, education and site visits. The Committee will be using the Website for sharing information and encourages the participation of its members in monitoring and recording of threatened buildings. The Committee will also have to embark on a renewed programme to inform the general public of the value inherent in our rich architectural heritage.