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The SAIA KZN is a voluntary organisation of architectural professionals: from students to practicing architects and technologists. Begun in 1901, it is one of the oldest architectural institutes in South Africa.

The SAIA KZN is steered by an elected Board of Representatives who holds office for a period of two years. The board elects the president and vice-president, and a management committee. The SAIA KZN is affiliated to SAIA (the South African Institute of Architects). 


We aim to connect and enrich our local architectural community through various events and media as well as through a professional support system. The various SAIA KZN committees mount exhibitions, produce a tri-annual journal and run awards programmes, amongst other projects aimed at ensuring that our members are kept abreast of current practice.

We also provide our members with up-to-date information and represent them at many levels in the public domain. To assist our members in meeting their SACAP Continuing Professional Development requirements, we research, generate and deliver ideas for enriching programmes, including CPD courses.


For our members, the SAIA KZN strives to create a workplace in which they can pursue excellence each day, knowing that their Institute is constantly and vigilantly monitoring the environment in which they practice, is feeding them with up-to-the-minute information, protecting their interests, monitoring standards and representing them at all levels in the public domain.

For the members' clients, and the public at large, the SAIA KZN strives to ensure that our members conduct themselves ethically, morally and professionally, perform to the best of their abilities, and serve their communities with integrity.

SAIA KZN Constitution

In terms of the constitution the Institute is committed to the principle of striving to be an outstanding professional organisation, which upholds the dignity of the profession and its members.

It aims to promote excellence in architecture and it seeks to contribute to the enhancement of society and the environment.

[click here to download the SAIA KZN Constitution in pdf format]

SAIA Code of Ethics

The South African Institute of Architects and the Regional Institutes are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence.

Members who voluntarily enroll with the Institute are required to uphold and subscribe to these objectives, and within the built environment, strive to improve the standards of health and safety for the protection and welfare of all members of society and to enhance with their professional skills, the natural environment to the benefit of all.

Members of the Institute, registered as professional architects, are educated and trained to provide leadership, critical judgement, specialist knowledge, skills and aptitude, for the design and development of the built environment.

The Code of Ethics establish principles for the conduct of Members in pursuance of these goals.

The Code is arranged in three sections:

  1. Principles are broad principles of ethical conduct.
  2. Rules are mandatory: violation of a rule is grounds for disciplinary action by the Institute.
  3. Notes serve as commentary to assist members in complying with the Code and those charged with the enforcement of the Rules. (The Notes do not form part of the Rules.)

The Code addresses the responsibilities of all members in following their professional duties to: 

  • The public which the profession serves and the environment which the profession strives to enrich;
  • The clients and users of architecture;
  • Other members of the architectural profession; and
  • The promotion of the art and science of architecture- that continuum of knowledge and creation which is the heritage and legacy of the profession.

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