Progress on the Office Based Learning Course

DATE: 14th July 2011

New Architecture Course

Rodney Harber has just returned from a trip to Oxford Brookes University with some developments on the Office Based Learning Course, which will change the way students study architecture in SA. It also has tremendous potential for those currently working in architecture who want to better their education.








"The KZNIA is currently exploring the implementation of a new office based course in architecture, operated entirely on a web portal. The course is an improvement on the "RIBA Office Based Learning" course for residents of the EU currently delivered by the University of Oxford Brookes.

Studies have shown that University buildings are utilised as little as 15%. Office Based Learning avoids expensive institutions and furthermore will undoubtedly also address the looming problem of teaching applied technology. The primary objective of following up this initiative will be to assess the standard of design tuition and other shortcomings that may be important.

Students will only congregate for portfolio examinations but the innovation of this model is that they can be in touch and even see each other's work all on the web. It'll be a virtually paperless operation!

The best lecturers available can deliver lectures into their web-connected laptops and these will be recorded for future access. The attraction of a virtual school of architecture is that few resources will be need and students will remain in the system!"



Rodney Harber